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NEP Battery Backup

NEP provided telephone service delivered via fiber optic cable is not line powered. Therefore, in the event of a commercial power failure, the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) provided by NEP and located in your home will not operate. Standby power can be added which will provide power to the ONT during a commercial power outage. Standby power is provided by a separate piece of equipment that includes a power supply and batteries. This unit is not provided by NEP as part of your service installation, but can be purchased by you at the time of installation. The FCC recently initiated rules that state customers provided non-line powered phone service must be given information so that they can make an informed choice related to the provisioning of standby power related to their landline phone service. This document provides pertinent information so that you can make your decision regarding standby power for your telephone service.

NEP Telephone Service Standby Power Disclosures

1. Standby Power Unit : Standby power is available for purchase from NEP. You can elect this option and purchase a standby power unit or opt out and elect not to deploy standby power.

2. Service Limitations:

Without Standby power:

  • The company provided ONT will not operate during a commercial power outage.
  • A wired (standard or traditional phone) that is plugged into the ONT will not operate during a commercial power outage.
  • A cordless phone will not operate during a commercial power outage since the ONT and the cordless phone base will not have a power source when commercial power is out.

With Standby power:

  • The company provided ONT will operate during a commercial power outage but the reserve time is dependent upon the type of standby power unit, the environment and the amount of time the phone is used during the commercial power outage.
  • A wired (standard or traditional phone) will operate during a commercial power outage.
  • A cordless phone will not operate during a commercial power outage since the cordless phone base will not have a power source during a commercial power outage.

With Customer-owned Generator:

  • a. If you have a portable generator installed at your house and is operational, the ONT and phone equipment will work in the event of a commercial power outage.

3) Standby Power Unit Purchase/ Replacement Options:

Standby Power Unit Purchase/ Replacement Options:   The standby power units sold by NEP are available in an 8 hour version or an expandable 24 hour version.  The 8 hour version sells for $159, and the expandable 24 hour version sells for $299. Customers can also purchase a unit elsewhere based on the specifications listed below:  Battery backups (UPS) that have an output wattage of 36 Watts or greater are an acceptable solution.  The standby power unit can be purchased during the initial telephone service installation or any time afterwards.  Battery replacements can be purchased directly from Best Buy, Amazon, Staples or any other CyperPower  or PSI Distributors.  

4) Expected Standby Power Duration:

The standby battery will provide a minimum of an 8-hour reserve. The estimated life expectancy for the standby batteries is approximately 3 – 4 years depending on the type of battery, operating environment and the frequency of power outages. As the batteries age, the reserve time will most likely decrease. The estimated reserved time is based on standby power consumption; therefore, usage will directly impact the reserve time.

5) Proper Usage and Storage of Standby Power source:
The standby power unit should be kept indoors, in a dry area and in an environment with ambient temperature between 32°F and 113°F.

6) Standby Power Unit Self-testing and Monitoring Instructions:

All standby power units require basic maintenance and monitoring. Each unit has self- test functions which indicate when unit is operating on battery and when the battery requires replacement. Follow manufacturer’s specific instructions for each individual unit.

7) Standby Power Unit Warranty:
NEP does not provide a warranty with the purchase of the standby power unit. Please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation to understand the details of any manufacturer provided warranty.

Remote Programming Guide


Use the link below to download a PDF Guide.


Lifeline Program

Lifeline is a federal benefit that lowers the monthly cost of phone or internet service. Qualifying is the first step to getting your Lifeline Benefit.

How to Qualify for Lifeline Service:

You can get Lifeline service if: No one claims you as a dependent on their Federal Income Tax Return, and you are in one of these programs listed below, or you may qualify based on income.

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Food Stamps)
  • Supplemental Security income (SSI)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension or Survivors Benefit Programs

Subscribers are allowed one Lifeline discount per household

The Lifeline benefit is non-transferrable.

How to apply for Lifeline

You can apply for Lifeline Service by going to:

If approved you will receive a Lifeline discount towards your monthly bill.

NEP Auto Bill

NEP customers can avoid writing checks with the AUTO-BILL PAYMENT option.

Customers choosing this automatic bill payment option must simply complete the form at the bottom of this page, provide either a checking or savings account number and your financial institution’s routing number.

Customers with various services such as telephone service, Internet service, and TV service will have automatic monthly deductions made from their selected account.

Customers with any questions about this option can call us at 1-866-785-3131. Think convenience PLUS cost and time savings!