NEP OneSource

Create Local Impressions

NEP OneSource gives you the opportunity to have your advertisement or event potentially make thousands of local impressions per day. An affordable advertising medium starting at just $25 per Week, with discounts for monthly and yearly runs.

  • Ads on NEP OneSource typically are shown approximately 5-8 times per hour.
  • Ads on NEP OneSource also run 24/7.


New Schedules begin every Wednesday. Please have your Ad or information to us two weeks in advance of when you want your sale or event to start running. This gives us time to edit, adjust, and verify the information in the Ad and adjust the schedule properly.

Business Advertisements

Business Advertisements on NEP OneSource will not be added to the schedule until payment is received. Ad’s will run approximately 5 times per hour at 20 seconds each. Please see pricing and design options on pages 3 - 5 in our downloadable NEP OneSource Guide.

Public Service Announcements

For public service announcements on NEP OneSource please e-mail or send us your information at least two weeks in advance from the dates you would like your announcement to run. Early reservation requests can also be made. PSA’s will run 1-2 times per hour, at least 15 seconds each.

For general Inquires about NEP OneSource call 1.866.785.3131

Download OneSource Guide