• Online TV Guide for DataVision Subscribers
  • Learn more about the constant struggle with content providers.
  • Do You have the Speed You Need for all your connected devices?
  • Upgrade your internet today to do more with your online time.
  • Bundle Services and Discover Savings of up to $55 a month.
Residential Services

  • Local, Long Distance & Unlimited Packages
  • High Speed Internet up to 100 Mbps
  • Digital TV with up to 150 Channels
  • Bundled Services starting at $113.99
Business Services

  • Local & Long Distance
  • High Speed Internet up to 100 Mbps
  • Digital TV Solutions
  • Advertising Through NEP OneSource

Welcome to NEP Telephone

Welcome to NEPFor over 110 years NEP has been providing North Eastern Pennsylvania with the best in Telecommunication and Technology.  From low priced bundled services including TV, High Speed Internet, and Telephone. For more information about any of NEP’s services please utilize this website or call 1-866-785-3131 to speak with customer service.


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Online TV Guide
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Do You have the Speed You Need?
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